TIGI® Cosmetics was originally created in 1989 under the name TIGI® Classic Cosmetics and has since established itself as a leader in the professional beauty industry. Ten years later, TIGI® Classic went on a whirl wind trip revamping into its rebellious offspring, BED HEAD Make-Up. This full line of cosmetics challenged department store norms and inspired new ideas about how a woman’s make-up should look. BED HEAD Make-Up set beauty business standards throughout the professional cosmetics industry and remained a staple for stylists and salon-goers. BED HEAD Make-Up became a repeat winner of Behind The Chair’s “Best Professional Make-Up Line” for seven consecutive years. Though it has proven itself to the industry, TIGI® has continued to strive for new and innovative ideas and formulas that take us forward into a new realm of professional beauty cosmetics.

Making its debut in fall of 2010, TIGI® developed a fresh, new cosmetics brand with a new attitude. Modern, sleek and multi-functional, TIGI® Cosmetics again sets the standard for professional cosmetics.

New formulas, like the Lip Crème series and innovative concepts like Liquid Enhancer, put a modern spin on our most coveted BED HEAD Make-Up formulas. TIGI® Cosmetics’ full range of products will prove to be the answer to your most important cosmetic questions.

Truly great make- up artistry understands that it’s not all about what you conceal… But what you reveal…